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Where to View the July 4th Miami Fireworks

Miami is the perfect city to be in for July 4th, with its sandy beaches and beautiful weather. This city is known for its nightlife and great beach scene that attracts many tourists year after year. The perfect celebration would not be complete without a view of the July 4th Miami fireworks. The city has many different places for you to

South Beach New Year’s Eve 2017 Party Recap

If you’re looking to celebrate your New Year’s night in Miami, then you’re in for a real treat. The experience that you’re going to enjoy will be one like no other. Your South Beach New Year’s celebration will be filled with nothing but fun and excitement the entire night. To give you an idea of how a South Beach New

Miami Music Week Travel Tips

With March approaching soon, Miami Music Week is just around the corner as well. If you’re heading to Miami to celebrate this amazing week, you need to know all about the best deals around. Miami Music Week will for sure be a fun time as well as unforgettable, but this trip is going to cost you. As the week approaches,

Ultra Music Festival Top Performers

The Ultra Music Festival is set to commence very soon in Miami. This huge music event brings together some of the best artists and DJs around for an event that’s like no other. This three-day long event will be held at the Bayfront Park in Downtown Miami. The Ultra Music Festival will begin on Friday, March 24 until Sunday, March

Ultra Music Festival- Trip Saving Tips

The Ultra Music Festival is a huge music event that takes place every year. Beautiful Miami is the home for this celebration. Now, if you’re looking to attend the Ultra Music Festival, then you’re going to need some help with your booking plans. To help you with making this trip affordable and getting you the best cost for your trip, we

Guest of a Guest Miami New Year’s Eve

Guest of Guest Miami New Year’s Eve Read the Highbar article here Read the Musette Yacht article here Read the Rooftop at the Gale Hotel article here Read the Rec Room article here Read the Regent article here Read the Captain JP Yacht article here Read the Speakeasy at Foxhole article here Read the Island Wind Yacht article here Read

Best South Beach Restaurants

Miami may be home to the best nightclubs and beaches, but it’s also home to the best restaurants as well. Enjoy the great weather throughout the day and spend some time at South Beach. Catch a tan or go for a swim then head out to one of South Beach’s restaurants. Grab a bite to eat at one of these

Best South Beach New Year’s Parties

South Beach is exactly where you need to be to celebrate your New Year’s night. With all of the events and parties going on at the top clubs throughout Miami, where exactly do you need to be for your New Year’s celebration? Well, here we have all of the information that you could possibly need for all of the best