Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel is one of the most famous and internationally known art fairs with three shows in two locations. Located in Miami Beach, Florida is Art Basel Miami. I’m sure you’re wondering what exactly is Art Basel and when did it begin. Sure it’s an internationally known art fair, but what kind of art fair is it exactly? Well, look no further as all of your Art Basel history related questions will be answered right here! Check out our Art Basel Miami history and find everything you need to know about this event. If you’re into the arts, Art Basel Miami is definitely an event you need to check out. Find out about this great show and other little Art Basel pieces of information that you might have not known!

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Art Basel History:

Art Basel first began in the early 1970s in Basel, Switzerland with three art gallerists, Ernst Beyeler, Trudi Bruckner and Balz Hilt. Together the three of them created a successful international art fair. Over 16,000 visitors attended the initial show as well as 30 publishers from 10 different countries. The original show had over 90 galleries for visitors to view. The show attracted many visitors from all over the world and grow in success throughout the years. With the show always attracting so many guests, the show took its success to Miami Beach, one of its current homes. Art Basel Miami got its start in early 2002 and has been a staple of the city ever since then.

About Art Basel Miami:

Art Basel Miami is an event that brings together well-known and new and emerging artists together for an art show like no other. The shows are organized in a way in which modern and contemporary art pieces are displayed for viewing. The show is known for attracting many artists and students. It is a great platform for artists as their pieces have the opportunity to be viewed by big names in the art industry. The show attracts many people such as art collectors, museum directors, and curators as well as many international viewers. Art Basel Miami is a great way for artists to become exposed to the industry and give them a chance to take their art to the next level.

Art Basel Miami does refer to the singular fair held at the Miami Beach Convention Center, but the city of Miami spreads the love of Art Basel throughout the city. Big and small venues in the city host various other art related events to celebrate the Art Basel festival.

Art Basel Miami Location:

Art Basel Miami is held in the 500,000 square feet exhibition space of the Convention Center. The center is divided into nine different sectors with each showcasing many different art pieces. Each sector has their own separate curatorial space, with their own unique theme.

Miami became the spot for Art Basel due to its convenient location near North America and South America. Even with the show being located in Miami, the show still continues to attract many people from all over. In addition to being held in Miami, the show has another location in Hong Kong. The show takes place in Hong Kong as well for the same reason that Miami does. It has a unique combination of both Eastern and Western culture.

Art Basel Miami Events:

As stated before, the influence of Art Basel Miami is present with all the artistic events that happen during the time of the event. Miami becomes home to many art shows and fairs at various locations throughout the city. During this time you can enjoy walking into a pop-up shop filled with various art pieces by different artists. Art Basel Miami turns this city into an artistic hub filled with many art pieces from all over the world. To find out more about the events and parties being held during Art Basel Miami be sure to stay updated and connected with the Art Basel website.

Art Basel Miami 2016:

Art Basel Miami will be held in its same location at the Miami Convention Center on December 1st. The event will run from December 1st until the 4th. The event will draw crowds of over 50,000 people so be sure to get ready for a tiring few days. You can enjoy this event however you like, on your own or with a tour by an art critic. Wander freely throughout the exhibits or check out the floor map and visit the ones you’re interested in.

While the event can be tiring, the Convention Center does provide two self-serve restaurants, five cafes, and an outdoor café across the street. Be sure to stay energized while walking through the convention so you can fully enjoy the experience. Art Basel is the perfect event for artists and people interested in the arts to attend and view various art pieces. The event allows for the exposure of new and emerging artists and provides inspiration for those trying to break into the industry.

Art Basel Miami Information:

Art Basel Miami will be a great event this year with many different artists and artistic styles to view.  Please click here if you would like to receive more information about Art Basel Miami and to purchase tickets.

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